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Experience Life Again

Life should be enjoyable. Addiction robs people of their ability to have a good time and appreciate everything the world has to offer. Experiencing adventure and fun again is crucial to long-term recovery. At Melrose Recovery Group, our residents take part in competitive sports, physical fitness training, and fun local events. Recovery is about more than just therapy — it’s about learning to live and dream again.


Art Therapy

When beginning addiction treatment, many individuals struggle with expressing themselves. Art therapy can bring out these subconscious thoughts and feelings.


Music Therapy

Listening to music can be very therapeutic, but creating music gives people something more that can assist in lifelong recovery and relapse prevention.


Evidence-Based Therapies

When used together, evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches help people get to the root of the reason for their addiction.


Nutrition Therapy

Full recovery starts with establishing a healthy foundation. At Melrose Recovery Group, we offer nutrition therapy to help our residents engage in whole-body health practices.

Addiction Recovery with Tim Storey

At Melrose Recovery Group, our mission is all about changing lives. We provide individualized drug and alcohol treatment. Because everyone is unique, we believe their treatment should be unique as well. Through the 12-step philosophy and appropriate diagnosis, we’re able to combat the continuous cycle of addiction. In addition, we work with Tim Storey to bring his Dream Academy to life. With Melrose Recovery Group, you can dream more and worry less.

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