Melrose Recovery is an effective addiction treatment center located in Los Angeles, California just minutes from Hollywood and the fantastic beaches of Santa Monica and Venice. Our dedicated team of trained addiction professionals and counselors provide individualized addiction treatment programs for recovery. It can be difficult finding the right alcohol and drug treatment program for your clinical needs. However, at Melrose Recovery we work with clients on a one-on-one basis and provide treatment plans at a reasonable cost to make our recovery services accessible to everyone.

The Best Treatment Center Los Angeles Can Offer

California offers several options for addiction recovery, but none of them quite compare to Melrose Recovery Group. With its optimal location and temperate climate, it’s easy to adjust to the beautiful environment that Melrose Recovery resides in. Furthermore, as an addiction treatment center Los Angeles can rely on, we offer several trusted treatment programs that can help guide individuals toward recovery. Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

In addition to these programs, we also have several addiction therapy services to help clients understand the root causes of their addictions. Through these therapies clients can gain a better understanding of a possible dual diagnosis to better learn how they can find lasting recovery and sobriety. This combination of an ideal location and comprehensive programs makes Melrose Recovery a premier addiction treatment center on the west coast.

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To learn more about the amenities and services we offer, contact Melrose Recovery Group today at 866-271-3438. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about our facility and make your transition into treatment as smooth as possible. 

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