Addiction takes a toll on the body. Over time, it depletes the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. Recovering from addiction involves detoxing and attending therapy. However, it also includes nutrition education and reintroducing important elements into people’s diets.

What Is Nutrition Education?

A woman holding a basket of vegetables is excited about nutrition educationAs the name suggests, nutrition education teaches people about the benefits of having a proper diet. However, it takes things a step further to educate people about how to eat right. It shows them what they need to eat to stay healthy. In general, nutrition courses address the specific needs of each person because everyone has different dietary concerns.

Also, eating a proper diet makes dealing with addiction withdrawal easier. Because of that, it’s important for addiction recovery programs to include healthy meals.

The Need for Proper Diet

Addiction takes such a serious toll on the body that it often leads to undernourishment. For example, people who drink a lot of beer and wine feel full, so they don’t eat properly. Likewise, those with drug addiction focus so much on finding their next fix that they can forget to eat. In some cases, they simply lose their appetite.

The side effects of addiction don’t end there. In many cases, it prevents the body from absorbing necessary chemicals from the foods that people do eat. Tryptophan, for example, is a vital chemical that produces a sense of well-being.

Drugs also damage the immune system. Eating properly can boost it, but few people eat correctly when they have an addiction. The result is a weakened immune system that leaves the body susceptible to a number of cancers.

Proper Dieting Tips During Addiction Recovery

Only professionals can tell people which diet is best for their bodies during rehab. With that said, everyone should know some basic tips. Keep in mind that proper nutrition education expands on these tips and teaches people how to care for themselves.

When recovering from drugs, it’s important for people to stay away from caffeine. Found in tea, coffee, and soda, this chemical stimulates the body. It can trigger mood changes that make it harder for people to avoid drug cravings.

Sugary foods also cause changes in mood and behavior. Staying away from refined carbs in cakes and donuts can help people level out while they recover from drugs. These foods provide empty calories that fill them up and make them less likely to eat healthily.

Lastly, people need to focus on eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. These foods boost the immune system and get rid of free radicals. Eating vegetables and fruits can provide all of the antioxidants that people need to stay healthy. Beyond keeping the body healthy, they make people feel better overall, which makes recovering from addiction easier.

Find Out How to Eat Right at Melrose Recovery Group

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