When you or someone you love want to end drug or alcohol addiction, that end must include detox. Of course, going through detox never feels easy. But with the right help, your time in detox can be safer and more comfortable than going it alone. You gain the support and professional help you need with medication assisted treatment for the best possible start to recovery.

What is a Medication Assisted Treatment Program?

A female patient talks to a female doctor during her medication assisted treatment programMAT, also known as medication assisted treatment, takes place in a residential detox and treatment facility. This facility includes helpful addiction treatment specialists who understand your individual needs. You go through specific steps upon arrival at the detox center. These steps take you through assessments, Suboxone tapering, and treatment.

While in medication assisted treatment, professionals monitor you. They watch your vital signs and help you feel your best from start to finish of the withdrawal process. If you suffer intense symptoms, they give you the right medications to lessen your ill feelings and make detox easier.

Medication assisted treatment takes place in a special residential facility staffed around-the-clock by behavioral medical technicians (BMTs). The facility is safe and secure, offering you rest and relaxation away from outside influences and stressors. This secure facility also helps you stay in detox from start to finish, so you don’t risk relapse during this trying time.

The BMTs and other staff help you stick to your treatment plan. If you need tapering drugs or medications, the BMTs help you use those properly. They also watch your mental, physical, and emotional wellness. If they see signs of any problems in your health or wellness, they contact on-call medical providers for help.

Assessments in Medication Assisted Treatment Program

In detox, you’ll undergo assessments so the facility can create an individualized treatment plan. The first assessment takes place alongside a private discussion of the substances you abused as well as any underlying mental health issues you may have. You discuss these problems with staff who greet you upon arrival at the facility. They also give you paperwork to fill out and help you as you need it.

This first assessment helps staff understand what level of care you need for detox. They learn about your addiction, other conditions and symptoms. Knowing all of this information helps them ensure you receive the best possible treatment in detox.

After the initial assessment, you go through some other clinical testing. These clinical assessments include a medical history, physical exam and psychological evaluation. Licensed doctors give orders for medications you need during withdrawal based on these assessment findings.

Tapering Program During Medication Assisted Treatment

Detox medications play a big role in your comfort and wellness during withdrawal. Tapering means you don’t go “cold turkey.” Instead, detox medications help you gradually detox according to your specific needs. Over time in detox, doctors reduce these tapering drugs until the other drugs are fully out of your system.

Your detox and tapering differ from others’. Each person gains his or her own individual detox treatment plan. The detox professionals craft your plan around multiple factors, including:

  • Which substances you abused
  • Frequency of substance abuse
  • How you used your substances
  • Tolerance level for your substances
  • Severity of your addiction
  • Whether you have other co-occurring conditions

Rehab Treatment after Detox

Experts stress the importance of following detox with inpatient addiction rehab. This rehab must occur as soon as possible after you complete withdrawal, for best results. That is why it’s important to choose a facility that performs both detox and rehab.

Melrose Recovery Group provides both residential detox and rehab programs. This means you enter the facility for detox, then move smoothly into your rehab program without risk for relapse.

Melrose Recovery Group’s addiction treatment center Los Angeles offers:

If you or someone you love is dealing with addiction, Melrose Recovery Group provides the detox and rehab necessary for strong recovery. Contact Melrose Recovery Group in Los Angeles now at 866-271-3438 for more information about available programs.