Going through opiate withdrawal scares many people. In fact, some people remain active substance abusers because they fear withdrawal so much. But with the right help, you more easily and comfortably get through opiate detox to a healthy life of recovery. You can live the life you want if you reach out to a detox facility today.

What Is Opiate Withdrawal?

Woman stands outside of the Los Angeles Opiate Detox CenterWithdrawing from opiates is no small matter. You face withdrawal because you abused opiate drugs for a long period, overused your prescription painkillers, or took street drugs recreationally. Maybe you thought addiction would not happen to you. But soon, drug dependence took over, and you found yourself stuck in the stronghold of the drug seeking and drug using cycle.

Whether your drug of choice is heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine or fentanyl, you cannot stop using it without going through withdrawal. Withdrawal includes a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms occur because your body and brain must adjust to working without the drugs you put into your system for so long. They must adapt quickly to the absence of opiates, so this adaptation is physically and mentally uncomfortable.

Most symptoms you experience in opiate withdrawal are flu-like. You feel like you caught a terrible case of the flu, suffering chills and sweating, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, runny nose and other ill feelings. Also, like the flu, these symptoms last a week to ten days, with some lingering a bit longer.

The worst thing you can do for yourself when feeling these symptoms is to return to using your opiate. Many people suffer deadly overdose during or immediately after going through withdrawal. Between the uncomfortable feelings and dangers of withdrawal, you need help from a quality opiate detox Los Angeles trusts.

What Is the Role of an Opiate Detox Center?

An opiate detox Los Angeles has exists to make your transition from drug addiction to sobriety safer, more comfortable, and healthier. You need many things to feel your best during opiate detox. Detox professionals understand these needs and help you meet them while keeping you safe and supervised to avoid relapse or other health problems.

How you experience opiate detox comes down to many factors. Some of these factors include your mental and physical health, drug history, environment, age, and family history of drug dependence. Some of the symptoms expected to occur during opiate detox include:

  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Muscle spasms and stomach cramps
  • Insomnia, runny nose, and sweating
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea
  • Constricted pupils and tremors
  • Changing blood pressure

Your body is not in its top form due to your ongoing substance abuse. You do not have a foundation of good health, consistent nutrition, or fitness. This means you need help with nutrition, hydration, and physical comforts during your opiate detox Los Angeles. You must help your body work through these changes from addiction to sobriety.

Opiate detox Los Angeles provides starts within hours of your last drug dose. Your flu-like symptoms last a week to ten days, peaking midway through detox and lessening over the following days. After you make it through opiate detox, you need rehab to fully understand your addiction and how to avoid relapse.

Los Angeles Opiate Detox Center and Rehab for Young Adults

Opiate addiction treatment Los Angeles takes place at Melrose Recovery Group. Melrose Recovery Group treats people just like you, young adults ranging in age from 18 to 30. Among your peers, you learn about your addiction, participate in therapies, and gain the support you need and make your way into healthy, lasting recovery.

Opiate Detox Programs at Melrose Recovery Group include:

At Melrose Recovery Group, you regain your footing in a healthy life with a bright future that you could only dream of. So contact Melrose Recovery Group now at 866-271-3438 for information about getting started toward your new life free from addiction.