Opioid detox plays a major role in your recovery from addiction to prescription painkillers. During your detox, your body cleanses itself of the chemicals, substances, and toxins you put into it. At the same time, you gain well-balanced nutrition, hydration, personal comfort and support in a licensed detox center as building blocks for your new life. After this short-term phase of treatment, you enter the rehab phase to learn more about your addiction and how to stay clean forever.

In detox, you experience highly uncomfortable opioid withdrawal symptoms. But with help from a medically supervised detox center, you get through your symptoms in just five to 10 days. This happens with the help of medications and other methods proven to help you break through to sobriety and feel better during your transition.

Most importantly, medically supervised opioid detox keeps you safe 24/7. Caring professionals watch your symptoms, discomfort and health signs to provide means of feeling better and staying healthy. If emergencies arise, you have the right people around you.

Opioid Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

spilled opiod pills can mean that you need an opioid detox center like melrose recovery group, Many people dread opioid detox. They hear rumors on the street about the process of withdrawal and fear going through withdrawal symptoms. But the reality of today’s opioid detox is that with the right help, you get through the process much easier.

An addiction detox center provides the option of suboxone assisted detox for people who qualify. This 30-day step-down detox program helps you wean yourself off of the painkillers without a quick shock to your system of a cold turkey process. Because you gain this therapy in a supervised setting, you do not risk addiction to the suboxone.

Physical and psychological symptoms of opioid detox include:

  • Runny nose, yawning, and teary eyes
  • Restlessness, fatigue, concentration problems, and insomnia
  • Sweating, anxiety and irritability
  • Body aches and muscle spasms
  • Aggression, depression, and mood swings
  • Fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, and dilated pupils
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps

Your earliest symptoms of opioid withdrawal start within hours of your last dose. For a few days you feel the mild effects of early withdrawal. On the third to fifth day your symptoms peak, then reducing with each day until you feel better at one week. Imagine this truth, that in only a week you can live in sobriety to start the life you want!

Overdose on Opioids

Opioid overdose provides a constant threat if you abuse opioid painkillers. However, this threat also hangs over you in detox. Without supervision, many people turn back to their drugs within a few days of trying to quit. Additionally, if your body already started withdrawal, this is the most dangerous thing you can do.

Opioid overdose in withdrawal takes many lives each year. You know of some people in your community who died this way. Many of those attempted opioid detox but did not have the help and support they needed. You deserve better than for your life to end tragically.

Signs of opioid overdose include unconsciousness, slowed breathing and tiny pupils. However, you do not need to concern yourself with these symptoms when you seek the right help. A licensed and accredited medical detox center like Melrose Recovery Group ensures your best health throughout withdrawal.

An Opioid Detox Center Is Just the Beginning of Your Better Life

Melrose Recovery Group in Los Angeles provides young adults aged 18 to 30 with the detox and rehab programs you need for strong, lasting sobriety. You live a better life after treatment when you gain quality therapies, support, education, and programs you need. Treatment at Melrose Recovery Group includes:

At Melrose Recovery Group you gain complete opioid addiction treatment among your peers. So contact Melrose Recovery Group now at 866-271-3438 for more information.