An alcohol use disorder is the type of addiction that requires intensive treatment. Because it’s a multi-stage condition, no single treatment type can address all of its manifestations. Case in point is inpatient alcohol rehab. What is it, and how could it help you today?

Understanding the Facets of an Alcohol Use Disorder

inpatient alcohol rehab los angeles melrose recovery groupInitially, you might start with binge drinking. On weekends or special occasions, you drink to excess. This habit gradually spills over to the other days of the week. You often wake up with a hangover, which makes you a candidate for the addiction recovery Los Angeles trusts.

Finally, you develop a dependence on the substance. You wake up with withdrawal symptoms. Drinking steadies your hands by making the trembling stop. You’ll do anything and everything to have alcohol when your body tells you to.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

All stages of an alcohol use disorder respond well to inpatient alcohol rehab. Moreover, if you’re dealing with withdrawal symptoms, it’s best to opt for a residential treatment structure. Added support makes treatments more effective while the therapeutic atmosphere provides the encouragement to keep going.

How Rehab Helps You Heal

When signing up for the inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles talks about, you start with an intake interview. A friendly counselor wants to learn more about your drinking habits. Many people are still actively using. In this situation, it makes the most sense to start with detoxification.

A medical detox keeps you comfortable and safe. It helps break the physiological dependency. Pharmacological support takes away any pain you would otherwise experience. Within a few short days, you’re ready to move on to rehab.

Within the rehab setting, you break the psychological addiction. Inpatient alcohol rehab helps you to do so at your pace. You will work side by side with addiction treatment specialists who understand how to beat the addiction. They may customize your care protocol to include:

Is the Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles Offers Suitable for Program Participants Who Relapsed?

Addiction is a chronic disease with a relapse potential. Relapsing also doesn’t mean you failed. It just means that you hit a bump in the road. At the inpatient alcohol rehab Los Angeles locals talk about, compassionate therapists help you overcome the relapse.

Rehab professionals meet you at the point you’re at. From there, they customize a treatment protocol. They take into consideration if you’ve been through treatment before. As a result, you receive targeted care that meets your unique needs.

Getting the Help You Need Today

You don’t have to continue suffering from an alcohol use disorder. Even if you tried to quit in the past and relapsed, there’s hope for sobriety. At the Melrose Recovery Group, you have the opportunity to participate in an inpatient alcohol rehab including detox. Contact Melrose Recovery Group today at 866-271-3438 today to reserve your spot.