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One of the most significant fallacies in thinking surrounds rehab for women. The medical community freely acknowledges that women have treatment needs that differ from men in almost all disciplines. That said, there are still many rehab facilities that fail to offer appropriate programs. Here’s what you need about gender-specific addiction care for women.

Addiction Affects Women Differently

Facilities like Melrose Recovery that offer rehab for women understand that there are physiological differences in the ways men and women experience dependency. Case in point is the choice of various drugs. Women more frequently receive diagnoses of anxiety or pain, which opens the door to possible addictions to prescription drugs. When drinking alcohol, the drug affects women more quickly than men.

Overall, women are more likely to develop addictions to substances faster than men. This has to do, in part, with metabolic differences. These same differences also lead to a higher likelihood of suffering physical deterioration more quickly. In short, when getting help, time is of the essence.

Rehab for Women Factors in Unique Reasons for Using

When providing addiction treatment services, therapists must consider what causes women to reach for a drug in the first place. Some encountered sexual abuse or physical violence at the hands of men. Others suffered dysfunction or exposure to co-dependency in the home. Still, others started using because the men in their lives were doing so.

To create a safe environment for these clients, it’s vital to have addiction therapy services that include rehab for women. It would be neither appropriate nor feasible to expect someone to open up about these issues in a co-ed setting. In fact, a therapeutic environment that allows for healing to take place across a number of modalities must exist.

Such treatment possibilities include:

Setting the Stage for Safe Interactions Between the Genders in a Drug-Free Environment

One of the biggest mistakes single-sex clinics make is the fact that they underestimate the trigger potential of interactions. Because many women connect drug abuse to men in their lives, there’s often baggage. Failure to test social interaction before returning home can lead to unwelcome results, such as relapse. In co-ed programs that include separate rehab for women and men, you can avoid this problem.

During social gatherings that therapists oversee, the genders mingle. Peers work on interacting with one another without using drugs or alcohol. For some, this may be the first time doing so in a positive light. In the process, women recognize social, emotional, and physical triggers.

Ideally, residents develop coping mechanisms during their time in rehab. If there are still some situations where more growth must take place, the social occasions bring this to light. Conversely, they offer plenty of self-esteem building when women recognize that they’ve overcome specific stresses.

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Getting Help

With the availability of rehab for men and rehab for women, participate in a program that takes your unique makeup into account. Don’t continue suffering in silence. Friendly therapists at the Melrose Recovery Group want to get to know you and help. Call (866) 271-3438 today to set up an appointment with an addiction specialist.