Is UnitedHealthcare health insurance in Los Angeles your provider? You might be trying to determine whether you can use your policy to cover treatment for substance abuse. Dealing with a substance-abuse problem isn’t easy. You may also have burned many bridges in your personal life, leaving you without a support system. Making a change is difficult, but it’s possible. Your first step is determining whether you have rehab insurance coverage.

The Rule of Law: Does UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Los Angeles Cover Rehab?Couple figuring out options via UnitedHealthcare health insurance in Los Angeles

By law, insurance companies are unable to deny you some form of rehab coverage. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requires insurance providers to treat mental health and substance abuse the same as any other health problem.

This law complements the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which blocks providers from punishing their customers for having pre-existing conditions or using their insurance as intended. You won’t be treated any differently for using your UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage for rehab than if you had used it for cancer treatment.

The Details of UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance in Los Angeles: How Can You Use Your Policy for Treatment?

Like most insurance companies, UnitedHealthcare health insurance in Los Angeles offers many different plans. Whether you can use your policy to pay for an inpatient stay in a recovery center will depend on what plan you have. Compared to some of the other big providers, UnitedHealthcare goes above and beyond to help their customers deal with substance abuse.

UnitedHealthcare health insurance in Los Angeles has a unique division created specifically for customers struggling with drugs and alcohol. This division is called United Behavioral Health. The provider also includes drug and alcohol screenings in its yearly preventative care checkups.

Some of the services offered by UnitedHealthcare health insurance in Los Angeles include inpatient and outpatient stays, medically supervised detox, and hospital stays. Unlike some companies, treatment centers don’t need to be in-network. This provides you with more options for treatment, but you might pay more for a recovery center that isn’t in the network.

Evidence-based Therapies for Better Results: Using Your UnitedHealthcare Rehab Insurance Coverage Wisely

Now that you have the coverage you need, your next step is to choose a recovery center that can offer you a chance at an amazing future. Melrose Recovery uses state-of-the-art techniques, scientifically proven to assist with the healing process.

There’s nothing wrong with using holistic practices during the recovery process. In fact, we encourage it. However, we also believe that evidence-based therapy is a must. We take advantage of everything science tells us about the human brain and body. This can set you on a better path for the future.

Some of the unique positives you’ll discover at Melrose Recovery include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and other powerful methods backed by science
  • A passionate team of professionals who are united in their mission to help
  • Team-building activities to help you bond with the other residents
  • Modes for self-expression, such as art therapy, music therapy, and experiential therapy
  • Inspiration and guidance from Tim Storey, a recognized name in life coaching and motivational speaking

Don’t let drug and alcohol abuse drain your light. You have the power to turn your life around. It all starts with a phone call. At Melrose Recovery, we’re prepared to help you begin imagining a better life. Use your UnitedHealthcare rehab insurance coverage wisely. Give us a call today at 866-271-3438, and we’ll verify your insurance plan.