In the United States, people struggle with few substances more than alcohol. In fact, alcohol addiction is a growing problem among both men and women. Alcoholism treatment is the best chance that they have for safely getting over this disease. Below is some more information that they need to know about treating alcohol addiction.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

A man clutches a glass as he is slumped over on a table and probably needs alcoholism treatmentAlcohol addiction occurs when people drink too much over a long period and develop dependence. Experts typically refer to this condition as alcohol use disorder. Those who suffer from this affliction continue to drink even if the alcohol impacts their lives in negative ways.

People with alcohol addiction typically have trouble at work, school, or in personal relationships. Despite this, they continue to drink because they feel that they need the alcohol. However, it’s important for them to know that addiction isn’t a lifestyle choice but a disease. They don’t drink because they want to, but because they can no longer stop.

Why People Need Professional Alcoholism Treatment

Some people think that they can treat alcohol addiction without any help. They think this because they don’t believe that alcohol is a dangerous drug. After all, they can buy it in nearly any store. However, alcohol addiction is one of the hardest drugs to overcome.

During detox from any drug, people experience withdrawal. Typically, the symptoms are painful and unpleasant but not life-threatening. With alcohol, however, the side effects can lead to death. It’s important for people to seek professional detox services as part of their alcoholism treatment.

What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

Unfortunately, doctors still don’t know what causes alcohol use disorder. However, they know that this disorder develops after a chemical change in the brain. The change leads to an increased feeling of pleasure when people drink alcohol. To achieve this pleasurable state, they want to drink a lot and more often.

Likewise, some doctors believe that there’s a link between alcohol addiction and genes. Those who have a history of alcohol abuse in their families are more likely to abuse it themselves. In such cases, the best option is to avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Who Is More at Risk of Developing Alcohol Addiction?

Obviously, people who drink alcohol are at risk for developing an addiction. However, other factors increase this risk.

First, men are more likely than women to develop alcohol addiction. Studies suggest that men who drink 15 or more alcoholic beverages a week have a high risk for the disease. For women, this number drops to eight or more drinks per week.

Experts also say that people who binge drink are more likely to develop alcohol addiction. Binge drinking involves having five or more drinks per day for men. For women, it involves having four or more drinks a day.

In either case, it’s important to note that men and women need different alcoholism treatment. Other underlying factors can lead to the development of this disorder, and they vary greatly between genders.

Get Treatment for Alcohol Addiction at Melrose Recovery Group

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