Man in desperate need of anger management counselingOne of the hardest aspects of recovery isn’t quitting drugs and alcohol. It’s dealing with the feelings that arise as a result. “Anger management” is currently the most searched keyword on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) website. This shows that anger is a big problem for people in recovery.

Dealing with Anger Management in Recovery: An Overwhelming Challenge

Anger comes out during the recovery process for a few key reasons.

1. Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable and dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to get help from a good rehab center. Without proper detox assistance, the symptoms could be difficult to handle. It’s natural to struggle with anger management when you don’t feel well. Uncomfortable symptoms can be triggering for many people.

2. Buried Emotions

Most people abuse drugs and alcohol to cover up some source of pain. It could be the trauma they suffered as kids. It could be guilt over the bad choices they made.

If you’ve been using drugs and alcohol to handle pain for a long time, removing that crutch is going to bring those emotions to the surface. You likely never learned anger management skills in the past, but it’s never too late to begin.

3. Worries About the Future

Being sober is scary. You can’t lie to yourself any longer. When you were using drugs, it was easy to avoid thinking about the future. Now that you’re facing reality, you might feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to participate in society. Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse have low self-esteem. If you doubt your ability to meet the challenges ahead, then your worries might come out in the form of anger.

Facing Your Anger Head On: A Courageous Effort

An important step toward recovery is accepting that it’s okay to be angry. We aren’t meant to stuff our emotions down inside. We’re meant to express them. With the support of a professional recovery team and a community of other residents, you’ll be able to release your anger. When you do that, you’ll gain an understanding of what led you to abuse drugs in the first place. This can help you work through the emotional blocks that are standing in the way of your dream life.

Getting the Help You Need: Anger Management at Melrose Recovery

Finding a mentor to look up to can be helpful when working on anger management. At Melrose Recovery, residents receive guidance from Tim Storey, a professional life coach, author and Doctor of Theology.

Tim has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. His approach involves humor, honesty and treating every resident as an individual. When it comes to dealing with anger and other negative emotions during recovery, Tim can help residents dig deep within to discover sources of pain.

At Melrose Recovery, residents have access to a variety of therapies and programs that work together to create a holistic healing experience. These treatments include:

The team at Melrose Recovery uses evidence-based therapies to provide mental health treatment for residents. Free yourself or someone you love from the clutches of drug and alcohol abuse and start imagining a better life. Give us a call today at 866-271-3438.